Assessing Productivity

The ProTool - an interactive tool designed for analysing business productivity is made up of four (4) parts:

Qualitative Measurement

Quantitative Measurement

Report on Performance

Guidance for areas of weakness

Why a ProTool

Businesses are required to measure their performance especially their productivity

Helps in sustaining efficient business operations

Assist in ensuring proper allocation of resources and time management

Helps identify weak areas

Provide a mechanism for timely feedback and progress

Helps profitability as it allows for increased number of products and services that can be available to consumers

ProTool's Design

The ProTool was designed:

  • Based on international best practices and intensive research
  • Provides recommendations at the fingertips of the manager
  • It will assist the government in providing solutions at a sector level in areas of concerns for businesses
  • The ProTool is expected to provide aggregate data at sector level for the following:
    • Labour productivity
    • Capital productivity
    • Raw material productivity
    • Energy productivity
    • Qualitative Statistics to address key areas of concerns for businesses and organisations




  • Qualitative Assessments
  • Quantitative Assessments
  • Productivity Reports
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